Randy Turner, Randall Turner, attorney, lawyer, Fort Worth, Texas, Bailey & Galyen, unethical

Randy Turner, Randall Turner, attorney, lawyer, Fort Worth, Texas, Bailey & Galyen, unethical
Randy Turner, Randall Turner, attorney, lawyer, Fort Worth, Texas, Bailey & Galyen, unethical

Friday, October 24, 2014

Randy Turner intentionally violates federal rules of procedure to try to get my gynecological records

Despicable Texas attorney Randy Turner illegally sent a subpoena to my doctors behind my back to try to get my medical records. He did not send them the medical record release which I signed. I will be requesting his client's medical records. Any horrible thing he does with my records will be done to his clients records. Why is this 60 year old man so interested in my gynecological records? He and his client are obsessed with my gynecological records. Why else would they ask for them when they have nothing to do with this case. I'm amazed that Randy Turner's wife Patti Gearhart-Turner supports a man who does these revolting things. Birds of a feather.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Randy Turner's ihatemary page in his business websites is getting crazier

Randy Turner is posting about tampons, crotches, the size of my breasts when I was age seven and 11...some truly bizarre things. He posted he didn't get medical records when he did. He posted that I'm 59 when his client Lollar is 59. I'm 48 which everyone knows. 99% of what he posted in his business site about me is false. It's incredibly bizarre. He has damaged his own reputation which this insane web page. His own acts have damaged his reputation.

Randy Turner, Randall Turner, Randy E. Turner, Randall E. Turner, Randy Eugene Turner, Randall Eugene Turner, attorney, lawyer, Fort Worth, Texas, Bailey & Galyen, rturner@galyen.com, randy@randyturner.com, randy@randallturner.us, law firm, Bat World Sanctuary, animal cruelty, animal neglect, unethical, unprofessional, harassment, inappropriate, senile, creepy, Amanda Lollar, motion abuse, defamation, Tarrant County Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, galyen.com, animallawsection.org, Tarrant Tortfeasors, Texas Wesleyan University, Texas A & M University School of Law, Texas Center for Legal Ethics, Equal Justice Program, animal law, animal rights, supreme court, court, appeals, board certified, university of north texas, Tarrant County Trial Lawyers Association, President, Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, Chair, American Board of Trial Advocates, Member, College of the State Bar of Texas, texas humane legislation network, animal legal defense fund, northern, eastern, district, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Personal Injury, Trial, Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Civil Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, National Board of Trial Advocacy, St. Mary's University, 817, 1300 Summit, 650, 76102, movie, mine, steven woods, mimi, pitbull, dog, bite, attack, medlen, avery, sentimental value, dead, killed, euthanized, appeal, lost, lose, medlen v strickland, strickland, law, opinion

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Randy Turner Texas attorney lawyer descends deeper into madness. This is truly bizarre.

Randy Turner with the help of his demented client Amanda Lollar have written and posted an ihatemary page. It gets longer and weirder every day. It's 99% false. This was written and posted by two delusional people. They do not realize when they post those disgusting photoshop images and insane false rantings about me that it harms their reputation and image.

What sane attorney would have an ihatemarycummins page in his business website? How does Bailey & Galyen feel when this page says he works for them as a partner? Who would want an insane partner like this? Is Randy Turner still married? His wife would have to be insane to stay with him at this point with his crazy rantings and all the unethical shit he did to me which will soon be reported to the various bar associations. Soon all the other lawyers in Texas will know that Randy Turner is not just unethical, unprofessional, commits fraud upon the court, commits perjury, likes to stare at women inappropriately, sleeps during his clients deposition when he knows he's being videotaped, intentionally runs into a woman in the hallway, but that he is absolutely crazy.

If Randy Turner thinks his crazy page hurts me, it doesn't. It hurts him by showing the world he is nuts and nasty.

Randy Turner, Randall Turner, Randy E. Turner, Randall E. Turner, Randy Eugene Turner, Randall Eugene Turner, attorney, lawyer, Fort Worth, Texas, Bailey & Galyen, rturner@galyen.com, randy@randyturner.com, randy@randallturner.us, law firm, Bat World Sanctuary, animal cruelty, animal neglect, unethical, unprofessional, harassment, inappropriate, senile, creepy, Amanda Lollar, motion abuse, defamation, Tarrant County Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, galyen.com, animallawsection.org, Tarrant Tortfeasors, Texas Wesleyan University, Texas A & M University School of Law, Texas Center for Legal Ethics, Equal Justice Program, animal law, animal rights, supreme court, court, appeals, board certified, university of north texas, Tarrant County Trial Lawyers Association, President, Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, Chair, American Board of Trial Advocates, Member, College of the State Bar of Texas, texas humane legislation network, animal legal defense fund, northern, eastern, district, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Personal Injury, Trial, Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Civil Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, National Board of Trial Advocacy, St. Mary's University, 817, 1300 Summit, 650, 76102, movie, mine, steven woods, mimi, pitbull, dog, bite, attack, medlen, avery, sentimental value, dead, killed, euthanized, appeal, lost, lose, medlen v strickland, strickland, law, opinion

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Randy Turner representing another lying client Gary Don Coleman, cats, disabled, lawsuit, Texas,

This is my issue with this case. It would have made a lot more sense for Randy Turner to write a private letter to the assisted living place. Then maybe they could have worked something out. Randy Turner doesn't give a shit about Gary or the cats. If he did he would have merely met with them and come to a resolution to the issue. Instead Randy Turner instantly files a lawsuit demanding $100,000 plus costs, fees... Notice he doesn't even say he's doing it pro bono. Even if he were he can still ask for legal fees. "Pro bono" means nothing. He could have stopped right there and let them reply to the suit but no. Randy Turner does not want resolution. He wants PR and money, money, money. He then instantly gives a copy of that lawsuit to all the media and his animal rights minions who post it all over the entire Internet to intentionally cause irreparable harm to Mirabella Assisted Living. He wants to instantly cause harm so they'll just fork over money to him. Extortion much? In fact if Mirabella gave Turner the money he'd represent them and evict Gary. That is how Randy Turner works. He does not care about animals. He defied a judge's court order and helped a family steal a beloved pet dog Precious. Randy Turner played himself in the documentary "Mine" and was the villain of the movie. Every single reviewer had something negative to say about Randy Turner.

10/09/14: Gary posted the below. He claims he was a teacher. I highly doubt that.

"Oct 9, 2014 — Thought it was time for another update for we still need even more signatures on the petition here. It's been a long drawn out fight and we all must continue to strive to get these large corporations to change their ways in how they deal with the disabled. When you have a contract, regardless of anything else. Those contracts no matter if there baught out by a new company or intity, they still have to abid by there own contracts. By trying to inforce a new policy last like this, there basically saying that because I'm on Medicaid and that I'm not able to afford a private room of my own. Now all the sudden my cats have to go, well I'm sorry im just not going to let these type of corporation push me around like this. It's wrong in every sense of the word. You have a contract, you darn right you better honor it. I ask that my cats be put on my lease in the very beginning and that's exactly what happened. Now they want to change the rules. This new policy only affects me, can you believe that. Yes that's right, I'm the only resident here that this pertains too. Everyone else lives in private pay residencies. You can't sit here and tell me my cats have to go and not do it for all the other residents. Iv been at this facility for over 2 years now. It's like well if I can't afford my own room, my cats must leave. This whole issue hasn't even been about the cats nessasarely, it's been only about their bottom line. It all comes back to whour can afford what. It's got more to do with money than anything else in this world. Please I urge you to pass this along to all your friends. We need to continue this fight, otherwise this case will just get swept under the rug, and honestly I didn't come this far to give up now. if you haven't already signed and shared, please forward and continue to forward to all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, Teachers, etc. Gary, Milo, and Rex really appreciate the continued support!"

I didn't even highlight the grammatical errors. He writes at the age of a seven year old. If the contract is real and he didn't add his cats to it after it was signed, I believe they have the right to state one can't have pets in shared rooms. You can't force the person sharing the room to live with pets. Even if the current co-tenant is fine with cats, the next one might not be. I know this because I've spent years working on an effective way to allow pets in all rentals. It would be legally impossible in a shared residence even with a therapy animal. I believe Mirabella should have never allowed Gary Coleman to live there with his major anger management issues and lies. I also don't think he needs assisted living. He only needed it after he had his rods removed. He is able to walk, stand, sit without a wheelchair, walker or any assistance. He even moves bags of pet food and can easily sit on the floor. He lies about having spina bifida. He had scoliosis which is common in dwarfs.

Gary Don Coleman on his resume says he was a teacher in Texas teaching elementary school. I find this hard to believe when he can barely spell. I think this is another story. He's been spelling "manners" as "manors" for years. He also can't spell "luxury," "they're," or "necessity." Three out of ten words wrong. Gary Coleman also "likes" his own posts and photos. If you look at the video of him with his cats his cats don't appear to like him. He admits they bite and scratch him a lot when he bathes them in the tub. Bathing a cat for no reason is inhumane.

Gary Don Coleman, texas, cats, teacher?

UPDATE: Gary Don Coleman Twitter user garydon452 favorites one of my tweets about him then he deleted his page. This guy obviously does not understand the Internet. He continues to threaten me. Where does Randy Turner find these crazy clients? Gary Coleman then posted an eight minute video of him talking to a stray cat about sports. If this guy wasn't so mean and nasty, he might actually have real friends. Instead he attacks everyone. He even attacks his attorney for not helping him with me.

Gary tells people on Google to leave me alone or I will attack them. He should probably heed his own advice. He's still defaming, harassing and stalking me. He posted his employment is "NONE OF MARY CUMMINS Business." Everyone knows he's unemployed. I don't attack all of Turner's clients. I only post honest facts about his dishonest clients Gary Coleman, Amanda Lollar and Steven Woods. They are all cons and scammers besides pathological liars. Randy Turner is willing to help people lie and steal. Turner has no problem committing perjury and fraud to aide his clients. Turner is extremely unethical. What attorney arranges to have the other side protested and attacked in the media?

Gary Coleman the story teller. He does not have spina bifida. He had scoliosis which is common with dwarfs. In 1986 when he was 17 he had the curvature fixed with spinal fusion surgery. He admitted that he was addicted to pain pills for five years. Later Gary tells everyone he's going to have his hips replaced. He did not have hip surgery. He then posts video of someone else's hip replacement surgery. Why?

Gary Coleman and his nasty friends wrote a ton of fake bad reviews of Mirabella Assisted Living. They made a ton of nasty posts on Mirabella's Facebook page. Mirabella had to get rid of ratings, reviews and posts for that reason. Randy Turner et al harming Mirabella's business.

09/17/14: I feel ill. Based on Gary's email address which he just posted I just found Gary's SoundClick page. I saved a copy of this delusional mess. He says on a scale of 1 to 10 on "hot looks" he's a "9, model material." He says his body type is "average." What in the name of delusional delusions is this? He says he has a full time job and makes 25-35K/year. He's a "flirt" and a teacher and romantic. He doesn't read books. He's clever and witty. He says little kids have "great manors." He says he will have kids someday. I doubt that, thank you lord Jesus, Our Lord in Heaven, the Holy Ghost and Mary the Mother of God! I don't know why he says he's a Frisco rough rider. He lived in Frisco but "rough rider" is a motorcycle group.


Gary Coleman is a model, Gary D Coleman, Gary Don Coleman
He actually has a few "iamavirginanddesperatelywantsexwithanyone" pages. He posts one pic so you can't see what he really looks like. Note he is also seated. He is lying to everyone about his condition. He's average when he wants sex. He's disabled when he wants pity and begs for money. Based on what I've seen he had surgery in 2009 and since then claimed to be disabled. He actually healed from the surgery and is fine pulling chairs out of trash bins, moving heavy bags of pet food, beating up old ladies in hospital.

Below is one profile. He says he works for Dick Sporting Goods. The pic here is seven years old. He's posing with a stranger at a bar. This is still his profile pic on Facebook. Who would use a pic of them with a stranger as their profile pic? He seems to burn through jobs quickly. I'm sure it's his anger management issues.

Gary Coleman single profile, assaulted elderly woman, dick sporting goods

Gary Coleman admits he had another young cat and a young dog. What happened to those animals? They should be alive today based on their age. Did he kill them? Neglect them to death? Why did he dump them?

Gary Coleman is so stupid that he doesn't realize that HE signed himself up for email alerts whenever I post on my own Google page. I had to block him. He said he had my IP and fake email address. He had nothing of the sort as I never emailed him. This crazy man then forwards those alerts to Randy Turner saying that I am bothering HIM. What a childish fool. Gary is also posting totally false and defamatory things about me. He thinks if he does this to me I will stop posting about him? No, it will make me post ten times as much. I am only posting the truth. What he is posting is false. I wonder how he would feel if someone posted false things about him? I will soon be posting his honest and official criminal file. They will soon be sending me the full report of when he assaulted and caused bodily injury to an old lady in a hospital. Here is a screen capture of his iPad which HE posted. I have never sent anything to his email at garydon452@gmail.com You can clearly see on the bottom of the image that he signed up for email alerts when I post on my page. Who is stalking whom? On top of this Gary logged in where he was posting his crap. He logged in from Mirabella's wifi again.

Gary Coleman, Gary D Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, mentally ill, crazy
Here is Gary Coleman's Google account

Gary Coleman's Facebook account

Gary sends a voicemail to LiveJournal saying he has great ideas to improve their site. He said he's a computer expert then asks what the buttons are for on the side of the page. Then he says ignore the stupid music. It's my daughter's. Yeah, right. Then he says "call me, I'm around, all the time."

Gary wants to hook up with women to bang them. He's a really nice guy? Since when do "really nice guys" beat up old ladies in hospitals? Or call women he does not know a "bitch," and a "ho?" He wants to meet a nice lady? Then why did he place an ad at "u bang with friends?" These are only sex hookup bootey call only sites. 45 year old virgin.


"Just a really nice guy who wants to have someone in his life. I dont want to be single all my life. I figured now that im getting ready to turn 40, i might as well go out and try to meet someone. I'm a preet nice guy overall, i just want to meet someone and be able to develope a fun relationship

Other single sites liked by garydon452

Frisco Free Personals, Texas Personals, Frisco Man Free Personals, Dating for Women"

Gary has now made over 100 blogs about me in less than 24 hours. https://www.blogger.com/profile/02168482504489487106
Some of the titles are insane. "Gary Coleman is a very angry man." "Gary Coleman takes his anger out on a woman." "Gary Coleman abuses elderly women." "Gary Coleman is an angry disabled man." Gary wrote those titles. This man is full on mentally ill. 5150 time. I'm sure he could and probably will assault someone at Mirabella.

Gary posts the video of his face in 2007. People make fun of him. What did he think would happen when he posted that video? The video makes him look like a freak. He posted this video in this page which he owns. In this page he says he's single, then he says he's married, then he says he's married with two daughters. This guy is a pathological liar. He says many people want him to be a tv star, be in magazines but nothing ever happened. People just made fun of him, and he left the comments there, calling him a meth freak missing teeth with major bone loss who looks like the granny in "bitter beer face." A symptom of his type of dwarfism is dental, bone loss issues. Why does he keep the video up if people only made fun of him? Is that type of attention better than nothing?

Gary rides his bike everywhere, has never owned a car. I think he's just trying to find some friends. Being honest might help. Look at these spelling errors. He was a teacher? I highly highly doubt that.

"Iv been riding now for about 17 years, i started riding when i was a teen and cant seem to get away from it. i love getting out over the open road and riding till i cant ride no more. I dont typically ride in large events but i wouldnt deny the chance to do so if i was ask to do it. You know something funny though, i have never owned a car, i have always been able to ride my bike where ever i wanted to go. i ride daily, around 18-22 per day usually. I guess in a way im in the best shape i can be in. i dont ever get tired of riding, i just like getting out and riding as much as i can. I usually ride on main roads and even some major highways, if there is no other options for me to ride on the sidewalks. Most drivers dont understand that people who ride bikes have as much if not more right to the open road as they do. I actually get a kick out of making people go around me, cause i know i have the right to be there. anyway nice chating with you guys. drop me a line if you want."

Gary says he was adopted. He had a mother and a father which are on his birth certificate. His face, coloring looks like his brothers. His mother was married to his father when he was supposedly born and then supposedly adopted.

More lying. He said he never had a mom or dad. Bullshit, he did. I do believe he was probably hooked on pills. I'm sure this is yet another story to get wigs for himself? FTR that is Paula Deen's real hair.


Gary d coleman
Gary d coleman Answered:
Hi, My name is gary and i live in the Fort Worth Texas area. You all don't obviously know me, but i need your help. You see I have lost 4 of my very best friends over the last 5-6 years. These are people who have either cared for me, or given me the very best advice in life. The point here is, I have never had a mother or fatherly figure in my life until just a few years ago. Now with all that has happened over the last few years. My Friend Marleen, who lives in the DFW area. I have recently learned of a very serious medical issue, that just really breaks my heart. I have really grown close to this person. Her and her husband have done so much for me over the last year. If it were not for them, I would certainly be dead. You see up until a year ago. I was hooked on pain pills. These people stepped up and did for me what no other person could do. I certainly could not have done it without them. I admit I was so very sick. The point is, I love these people very much and I'm just not sure how to deal with loosing a friend, motherly figure. After learning of her getting breast cancer. I hate that she is loosing her hair to something that we all hate. I'm looking for someone to help me in getting a few wigs for her to wear. A famous person that we all know. I would love to get her a Paula Dean wig. The simple reason is, she is a spot on duplicate of her. I love Paula Dean and would certainly love to meet her one day. I don't have the kind of money to spend on wigs myself, or I would have done it already. I just feel that its appropriate at this time, I try to make her life as happy as possible.  If there is anyone out there who can help me. I would be so very grateful to you. Please email me if anyone can help. This is very difficult for me. Having had no family growing up, and where all I have been in my life. To loose anyone very close friend is just too much. garydon452@att.net garydon452@hotmail.com garydon452@yahoo.com

Another sex site looking for sex. 40 year old virgin. He's says he's a "great looking guy." Lee High School class of 1987. I find it hard to believe he graduated when he can't spell basic words you should have mastered in second grade. Perhaps they pushed him through to get rid of him. He says he's a photographer, writer, teacher, sells sports memorabilia...

"Just a really nice guy who wants to have someone in his life. I dont want to be single all my life. I figured now that im getting ready to turn 40, i might as well go out and try to meet someone. I'm a preet nice guy overall, i just want to meet someone and be able to develope a fun relationship"

Here he is Robert E Lee high school Tyler Texas class of 1987

Gary can't spell. He was a teacher? I'm sure it's another lie. Who would want to buy this shitty shirt from his zazzle store?

Gary now threatens to leave Facebook. He lies and said he did not harass or threaten me. Yes, he did. I copied it all and sent it to Mirabella. I also posted it here. He says he's "all fucked up inside." He's been that way most of his life I would bet. He also says his attorney isn't helping him with me. What does he expect Turner to do? He knows I'm not lying, defaming or threatening. How is my telling the truth "morally wrong?" Gary Coleman is a pathological liar and delusional. I also believe he's a danger to the people at Mirabella.

Gary Coleman, fucked up, crazy, Gary D Coleman

Delusional Gary Coleman. I have never emailed him ever. I emailed his lawyer telling him to cease and desist. I don't have any fake email addresses. My IP is public. Now he is name calling. He is calling me a "bitch!" and a "ho." What does that have to do with me posting that he has a criminal record? He obviously has serious mental health issues. What a lovely little man. I pity the residents and staff at Mirabella. They really need to do background checks on their residents to make sure they don't have any crazy people with criminal pasts. Gary here could easily beat up one of the residents, steal from them or may even try to rape a resident.

Gary Coleman is now cyberstalking  me all over the Internet. He is stalking, harassing and defaming me. He is reposting  his attorney's false and defamatory ihatemary page about me. He is also reposting Amanda Lollar's false and defamatory ihatemary page. He says I'm trying to "scare" people. Scare people? Every time he posts his attorney or Lollar's false and defamatory pages about me I will post this honest blog post here about him. He's also threatening me saying I will "pay" for what I've done. What have I done? Some research on Gary's past where he beat up an old lady in a hospital. More threats from Gary Coleman. Here are but two. I saved them all. He's getting ready to make a Facebook page devoted to him. How will that stop me from speaking the truth about Gary? It will cause me to have to speak the truth about this evil man even more.

Gary Coleman, Gary D Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, threat

Gary Coleman, Gary D Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, threat

UPDATE: 09/16/14: Gary Coleman just made 38 separate yet empty blogs with my name in them devoted only to me. I have one blog post in one blog which is 100% the truth about him. That's it. If Gary makes a blog devoted to me, I will make a full blog devoted to him. I will only speak the truth. He is obviously as mentally ill as Amanda Lollar. All these losers like Amanda Lollar, Gary Coleman all get together in a cyber bullying gang. It's what they live for. They have no other life. Again, Gary Coleman beat up an old lady in a hospital in late 2012. Staff at Mirabella state he has anger management issues. Gary Coleman admits he has anger management issues. He also whines then locks himself in his room. He's 45 years old. Gary Coleman also forces his cats to do stupid tricks. Gary thinks he's some sort of animal trainer. And he wonders why one of his cats has diabetes with all those treats. I believe that is animal abuse to knowingly give your diabetic cat, cat treats. He also gets mad at the cat if he doesn't do the stupid trick. He needs to knock off the treats.

Here is Gary Coleman giving his cat a bath for no reason whatsoever. He seems to like to show his power over the powerless cat with forced baths and "training." I don't do that to my cats. I just give them love, affection and play time. You should only wash your cat if it's truly dirty. He is using Dawn dish soap which is used to strip thick sludge oil off wildlife in oil spills ONLY. You don't use it on regular animals especially clean ones. And why does Gary take videos of himself doing all these things to his cat? Is he proud of this behavior?


Gary Coleman washing his clean cat in Dawn dish soap. Animal abuse. Gary D Coleman. 
Gary Coleman's cat Milo trying to escape. Gary rolled him on the floor into the towel! Cat is not happy at all.

Gary Coleman's cat is unhappy, tries to escape the tub then does escape the tub. Not very nice.

Gary's cat has diabetes. Cats get diabetes from being over weight. Gary lets his cats get over weight. He knows his cat has diabetes and he should only be feeding wet food. Wet food has higher protein and less carbohydrates. Gary makes his friends buy him expensive wet cat food. Below is a video Gary took yesterday. You see unlimited dry cat food feeder. His cat should NOT be eating dry food and definitely not UNLIMITED dry food. Gary GAVE his cat diabetes and is not following his vet's orders in regard to diet or treatment. I don't think Gary cares about his cats in actuality. If he loved his cats he'd give them proper care and not force them to do tricks while stuffing them full of dry cat treats.

Gary Coleman does not give his cats proper care
UPDATE: 09/12/14: Gary Coleman only denies getting arrested for beating up an old lady in a hospital. He never stated he didn't beat her up. He admitted he did some bad things in his past...like less than two years ago. I confirmed yet again today with Fort Worth, Texas police that Gary Don Coleman a very, very short male born October 13, 1968 did indeed "assault" and cause "bodily injury" to an old lady in a hospital. I confirmed his home address for this time. His supporters including Randy Turner support people who beat up old ladies in a hospital. Randy and his wife have parents in retirement centers. How would they like it if Gary went over there and beat the shit out of them? Would Randy and Patti think "thanks, Gary, for beating the crap out of my feeble, parents with dementia who are dying. All I care about is that you like cats. That is all that matters! You are AWESOME!" Below is one supporter who basically says she doesn't care that he beat up an old lady in a hospital. She only cares that he takes care of his two cats. Charlotte Dodie Duncan works for Randy Turner to fool animal lovers into attacking people and businesses for money, money, money and press. I'm sure it's illegal for an attorney to do this if they aren't even allowed to advertise. This is worse than regular advertising. For shame.

Charlotte Dodie Duncan, Randy Turner, Gary Coleman
Yesterday Gary said he's going to take two days off of work to just hang out with his cats. Gary has no job, no work. He is not doing anything except posting hate speech to people online. This is funny. Even though he said he's going to play with his cats instead of "going to the mall" he actually went to the mall and posted about it ;-)

09/10/14: Gary Coleman just released an 18 minute video about his "story." He flat out lied in the video. He said he was never arrested. Not only does the name, address, birth date, age match Gary Don Coleman perfectly in the online record but I also called and verified the record. Gary Coleman was indeed arrested for assaulting an old woman in a hospital. Gary Coleman is lying on video. I just ordered the full official certified police report of the incident. Notice Gary never says he didn't assault a woman. He said on video he's not perfect. I spoke with a Fort Worth Police Officer in the records Department. Gary Coleman did assault an old lady in a hospital.

Gary stated he never said anything to me. Gary posted quite a few things directly to me via Facebook and the Star-Telegram websites. I posted those posts here. Gary goes on to say that he doesn't know how I "get away with doing these things." What am I doing? I am speaking the truth about dishonest people. I have never lied, slandered, defamed Gary Coleman, Randy Turner or Amanda Lollar. I've never defamed anyone in my life. I merely filed reports to government agencies about bad people such as Amanda Lollar. The government agencies found violations and Lollar lost her permit. Gary goes on to say he doesn't understand why I'm not in a "mental institution or jail." I have never committed a crime or had any psychiatric issues ever in my life. Gary Coleman here on the other hand has a criminal record. He was charged with and arrested for beating up an old lady in a hospital. He should be in jail. I also believe he has mental issues based on his anger management issues. Plus, he beat up an old lady in a hospital. Who does that?

Gary goes on to say he lives in fear at the assisted living home and locks himself in his room. If he doesn't like it there, he can move. He also said he worked until 2008. His resume said he's still currently working. So many lies and stories. He's been living off the government for six years. He also admitted that his friends help him out with his cats yet he begs for cash for this support. One last odd thing he said is his cats are better than a girlfriend. He said he's beyond all that. Look up proportional dwarfism. Also look at his profile in FB. He used a pic of him with a stranger lady as his profile pic. He's telling the world that he is a virile male which women love. Now he says the opposite.

UPDATE: 09/08/14: Gary is now posting that everyone is making negative comments about him on articles. I have not made any recent comments on any article. Other people are doing this.Odd that Gary doesn't have a problem making negative comments about others. It's only not nice if people do it to him.

Gary D Coleman is now rewriting his own history. This is really very strange. What a piece of work this person is. This is not his real history. He posted about growing up with his mother and brothers before. He is another Steven Woods, Amanda Lollar i.e. pathological liar and poor "victim." He had a mother, father and two brothers. He has been close to one of his brothers if not both his entire life. He talks to his brother all the time. They are FB friends. His brother is currently helping him with this situation. His brother lives near him. I see he erased all of his school information which I saved. I see a pic of him as a kid. He is just a dwarf, not disabled as far as I can tell. He went to regular schools.Why would he be adopted when he had a mom and a dad? They are dead now but he's 45 years old. His dad died somewhat recently. His mom died well after he was an adult living on his own at the age of 36. Gary wrote the below. He is posting it on every photo, post he can find on the Internet. What a liar. Previously he said he lived with his mom who allowed him to drink Drano as a toddler. Drano is used to make meth. Did they have a meth lab? Drano smells. I doubt a kid would drink it.

"This is a story that I think everyone should read. Whether you're an animal lover or pet owner yourself, you know that our pets are a vital part of all of our lives. I've recently had the unpleasant notion of someone telling me that I have to get rid of the only 2 people in my own personal family. At the age of three, I was placed in a residential treatment facility for children. Because of my severe physical disabilities, I was deemed “unadoptable” and spent my childhood living in a Home for Boys. My cats are literally the only family I have ever had. Having them taken away would be devastating for me.

Now I'm faced with having to lose the only family I have. Please read more about my story and support me by making a donation or by reposting on your timeline for your friends to read."

Here is a pic of him at a regular school. This is the first time he states he was in a "home for boys" because he was "unadoptable." He had parents, a family, still does. His own resumes show he went to regular schools, had jobs. I see no disability here. If he can protest, carry big bags of pet food, walk all over the place, sit in regular chairs he is not disabled.

Gary Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, Gary D Coleman, con artist, scammer, pathological liar, sociopath, beat up an elderly women in a hospital
Here is Gary and his brother's birth certificate. His parents divorced in 1972 and listed they currently had three children living with them. Gary was living with his mom and dad at age four. Gary's skin, hair, eye coloring and face looks like his normal and healthy brother Alvin. Alvin is a happy, well adjusted, nice guy with a job and friends. Gary is doing the oh poor me story. He was not put up for adoption and deemed "unadoptable." The only thing Gary is, is a pathological liar. Gary has made himself a limited public person by putting himself out in the news at least twice. He's trying to get CNN to do a story about him begging everyone to beg CNN to cover him so he can spread his ridiculous story. I would bet Mirabella wants him out because he has major anger management issues. He admits that he gets hot and goes off on people. He admitted he went off on Mirabella staff before. That's why he only wants to talk to staff in his room where they can't videotape him. He refuses to talk to them in their office or in the hallways because he knows there is video running. He was charged with and arrested for assaulting an old lady in a hospital. He has never told anyone what happened.

Gary Don Coleman, October 13, 1968, Harold Wayne Coleman, Margaret Louise Williams.

Gary doesn't have a problem trashing strangers online. He personally attacks women, very low. Then he turns around and projects his own behavior in the statement below. People are not supportive of liars and con artists. I really hope Mirabella answers the lawsuit and posts the truth about this evil man. I'm sure he's treated the staff at Mirabella like shit.

"It's interesting what people seem to say about someone they don't even know! Seems like most people are very supportive in what I'm doing!"

Here is his LinkedIn profile. He tells the world he is fully able-bodies and has had many jobs. Is he lying here in his profile or in what he tells the media?


Star-Telegram once again shut down comments on yesterday's article because Gary Coleman and his friends attacked me. They lost their user names, posts were deleted. Mine were not. Amanda Lollar went and got new user names just to attack me viciously and disgustingly knowing they'd be deleted. These are really some super low class people. Again women other than me didn't agree with Gary 100% so Gary viciously and personally attacked them calling them childish names. Gary should not be living in an assisted living center with all those vulnerable people. I bet he will beat one of them up like he beat the elderly women in a hospital. With his anger management issues it's just a matter of time.

09/07/14: Gary D Coleman is a nasty racist who hates Mexicans or anyone who speaks Spanish. Here a woman supports Gary in Spanish then he attacks her for not speaking English. He says 350M people speak English in the US. Wrong, 220M speak English. Second most spoken language is Spanish at 35 million. In his state, Texas and mine, California, the original language was American Indian then Spanish then other languages then English. Gary Coleman suffers from a severe case of Napoleanic Complex due to his small stature as a dwarf and his disability as a proportionate dwarf. He attacks everyone. No wonder his roommate left and they want him out of Mirabella. The other residents don't need his poor behavior. I'm sure he could go off on someone with dimentia and hurt them.

Below is his insensitive post to a woman who supports him. He could easily hit the "see translation" button directly under the post instead of ranting against people. Total jerk just like his attorney Randy Turner. Here is the translation from me "Gary, you need a lot of help. Please, don't abandon this fight or your four footed little sons." I see why so many people hate Gary Coleman. Someone just told him to hit the "see translation" button. The Bing translation is good enough. I updated the pic. A direct translation would be "Gary, you need much help. For favor (please) no abandon it or your small sons of four feet."

Gary D Coleman, Gary Coleman, racist, anti-Mexican, napoleonic complex, jerk, asshole
Gary D Coleman wants $25,000 at his gofundme page. Why? His lawyer is free. He lives on disability which covers all of his expenses including medical and food. A group already paid for his cats' food, medicine. Can you say shake down? Fortunately people only donated $400. What a total con artist begging for money when everything is already paid for. If you look at pics of him, he is never using his walker. If you look at his room, he has multiple cameras, smart phone, iPad, computer, scanner/printer, big screen hi-def plasma tv, DVD player, wii game console, wii games, lots of sports memorabilia, lots of designer sunglasses, lots of digital music, he buys lots of crap food to eat in his room....

Gary Coleman takes a pic of his attorney Randy Turner taking pics of the protesters he organized to attack Mirabella. Randy is the white guy in the khaki shorts. You can see he's the main photographer, ringleader. I'm sure he told them to pose like this. What's funny is Gary told people his attorney told  him not to go to the protest yet he did. His own attorney arranged it. Did Randy think people would not recognize him? Gary Coleman took this photo of his attorney Randy Turner arranging and photographing the protest of Mirabella. Randy Turner should be disbarred for this unethical, unprofessional behavior. He is a totally bully using his law license like a club. He loves to crucify people with defamatory statements in the media. It looks like they are in the parking lot which would be private property. They can only protest on public property.

Randy Turner, Randall Turner, attorney, lawyer, Fort Worth, Texas, Gary D Coleman, Gary Coleman, shake down, con, scam, protest, harassment, defamation

Randy Turner was also at the first protest. Notice date, different shirt. He is indeed wearing his wedding ring. I think he's maybe 5'10" max. He organized and monitored it. They admit this in their page. This is totally unethical lawyer behavior. He needs to be disbarred.

Randy Turner, Randall Turner, attorney, lawyer, fort worth, texas, unethical behavior, disbarred, Texas State Bar
Mirabella person videotaping protesters. I don't blame them. Gary is wrong. Mirabella can video anyone they like on public property. I see a street. 
Here are two main women with Gary. They admit Randy Turner, Randall Turner organized the protest and oversaw it. Unethical behavior for a lawyer. 

Below is from Gary. He's now asking people to beg CNN to cover his story. He started a petition to attack Mirabella. His eviction is on hold. I believe it's because Turner filed a temporary injunction. The legal matter must be cleared before the eviction can continue. Whoever is handling this case for Mirabella needs to get it out of Judge Bonnie Sudderth's court. She is personal and close friends with Randy Turner and his wife. She will do whatever the Turners want. She is highly biased for the Turners and against everyone else. Get another Judge. I should probably do some research to see how many times Judge Bonnie Sudderth has given Randy Turner whatever he wanted in court. Below is cut/paste. All the many spelling errors are Gary's.

"Sep 7, 2014 — The eviction letter that I received said that I needed to be out of the facility. By Sept 11th, 2014. Mirabella Assisted Living and their attorney's have told my attorney that the eviction has been temporarily put on hold for me and my 2 cats. When and if the case is resolved, that no one at Mirabella will be evicting me anytime soon. Once the case has been resolved whether it goes to court or not. I won't be going anywhere until this whole situation has been resolved. I think it's just a small reprieve for me and my boys. Will things work out, who know! Just wanted to let you guys know. I appreciate everyone's support in this case. I love my cats more than life itself. I want only the best for my boys! Be sure to catch the update to my story in Monday mornings edition of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Still looking for continued support with my Go Fund Me account if anyone wants to help. The links are down below."

Below is proof that Gary D Coleman has anger management issues. Remember he physically assaulted an old lady in a hospital. He's also a bully using his "disability" to attack people. He can get around better than me. I couldn't get a chair out of the trash and carry it home. Gary even personally attacks people online for no reason. Gary wrote this himself. If his door was open, that means he allows people. This is assisted living, not a medical facility. If he wants to live in that section, it costs a lot more and is on another floor. I thought Gary was in that double room by himself. I doubt they can rent it with his cats in a shared room. Gary put some of his own furniture into the other room. It's not his space so legally he can't do that. Mirabella should remove it so Gary doesn't claim squatters rights. Why did Gary put his chair in the window? Don't they have AC? And why would he call the police? Why did Randy Turner tell Gary Coleman to call the police? I see no crime. On the other hand Randy Turner's client Amanda Lollar has committed crimes and I had to make many police reports and get a restraining order. Randy Turner also has committed crimes. Randy Turner and his clients are pure bullies.

"More Harassment from Mirabella

Sep 4, 2014 — This morning at 8:30 Mirabella Representative came in my room to harass me again. My door was open and she never knocked on my door to come in, instead she walks right in and starts to bother me about the furniture that's in this other room. If they don't have anyone to put in that room, why bother putting any furniture in here if no one wants to rent it out. Ashley needs to learn to knock on people's door rather than going in on her own like she does. I told her she was getting me upset and to leave my room, instead she goes and takes a chair from the window and takes the chair out to the dumpster. After she left I opened the door to my room and noticed that Milo's chair was missing. I went straight to the office and tried to confront her about taking my chair. She walks by me and goes to her office and gets her phone. She's violating HIPPA law by taking video of someone in a medical facility without their permission. Instead off confronting her about this I talked to mary who is the resident services coordinator. Rather than letting her video tape me, I told mary I wanted to discuss this in my room. I called my attorney and he wanted me to call the police, rather than doing that I just went down to the dumpster and got Milo's chair back. No sense in arguing over a chair. Ashley was simply trying to get video of me and my temper, so she could forward that to their attorney. Well 2 can play that game lady Ashley. At this point I'm fixing to go buy a bunch of groceries and just lock myself in my room. I'm tired of being constantly bothered. This crap has got to stop. I'm litterly sitting here shaking as I type this message, it's absolutely ridiculous to be put through the ringer like this. I'm documenting these things because I'm just to a point where everything I say and do is being used against me. I should have called the police on that women, and she's darn lucky I didn't! These office people just need to leave me alone."

UPDATE: 09/01/14: Gary D Coleman who walks without a walker, sits in a regular chair, doesn't use a wheel chair or scooter unless he wants free sympathy autographs and can easily sit on the ground hangs out with the protesters of Mirabella. He happily supports Randy Turner and his ilk attacking one of the only assisted living places in the area that allows pets. Gary Coleman doesn't want to move because he pays $630 for room, board, wifi, maid, laundry, activities, parties, transport... Previously he was in a regular apartment but had to pay for the extra things himself. He only needed to be here after he had surgery. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Plus, he can't use any of his monthly subsidy on pets. It's against the law. On top of this the law does not have to force someone with shared housing to accept pets. What if the other person were allergic, had asthma and died? You can't force a pet in a shared room or house. How is this guy disabled? He can sit on the ground like this. I can't. He also posted pics of him volunteering, moving heavy boxes, all with no walker, scooter...On top of this he spews hate speech to women who merely don't support him. I'm not talking about myself but the other five women he attacked at Star Telegram. Two of them supported his position but he was so juvenile he attacked them anyway. And don't forget he attacked, assault, caused bodily injury to an old lady in a hospital.

UPDATE: 08/28/14: All comments on the Star-Telegram article were removed because Randy Turner and his minion of deluded activists kept attacking, defaming, harassing and threatening me. I know Amanda Lollar et al lost at least four profiles with her attacks. I have confirmation in my FB dashboard. "Comments have been removed from this story because of inappropriate comments." The same thing happened last year. Amanda Lollar, Dottie Hyatt, John Hyatt go crazy attacking me. These people are pure and utter evil. Who else would happily just cut the wings off bats with regular scissors? Amanda Lollar et al. Dottie Hyatt and Kate Rugroden bragged that they'd done the same. To do such a horrible thing then to brag about it, unbelievable.

Below is the letter Gary D Coleman received. It seems there was a clause in his rental agreement which stated they had to the right to ask him to rehome his pet or move. It makes sense that you can't allow pets in shared rooms just like you can't force them in shared homes where residents share a kitchen or bath. What if some had asthma and were allergic? They could easily die. The home would then be liable for their death.

If you look at this which was scribbled on the bottom it says "community only authorized two cats / therapy." I see pics where he used to feed these cats outside. I think that is what "community cats" means, i.e. outdoor. That's what "community cats" mean here in LA. It's a euphemism for cats that live outside in the community. They were never permitted in the room. If the facility were to allow that, they would only be able to rent that room to someone who wants cats which would be rare. Another thing to consider is Gary Coleman pays I think $630/mo for a private bedroom, private bathroom, kitchenette area, very large shared living room including utilities, maid service, laundry, food and rec facilities besides games, parties. Of course he doesn't want to move to another place even though he doesn't need assisted living. He can walk, sit, stand, move around better than I can. His place is larger than my entire home. I'd love to have $630 paid by the government and never have to work or pay bills. Again, I worry about his juvenile behavior and anger management issues. I wouldn't want my Nana living in a home with this loser who beats up old ladies in hospitals. They should do a criminal check on residents. There are many ill, injured, elderly people whom Gary Coleman could harm or steal from, maybe even rape a younger female patient with dementia. These things do indeed happen in homes. They shut down the comments because of Gary Coleman's threats at Star-Telegram. I saved them. 

Think I figured out what Gary Coleman did. August 11, 2014 I see a video of him feeding his two cats and a raccoon outside on the grounds of Mirabella. His cats were supposed to live outside as per his lease as "community cats only." Then his roommate left to move closer to his family. He seems to have brought the cats inside. Then I would bet that the maids saw the cats and reported him. Then Mirabella told him as per the terms of the lease he could not have cats in a shared room. While I am against outdoor cats if that was the arrangement Gary agreed to, he should have honored it. Also very stupid to feed a raccoon with his cats especially in an assisted living center. Not only can raccoons carry rabies but their feces definitely have roundworms. Gary exposed everyone. That now friendly raccoon could go up to an elderly person holding food and attack him. Irresponsible besides extremely illegal.

UPDATE: 08/27/14: Gary Coleman is now committing fraud and donor abuse. His main goal now is money, money, money. Another gofundme ruse. Here is his page he is begging for money for items other people already gave to him. Donor fraud. He posted in his FB that animal groups already donate the cats food, needles and medicine. If he does get this money, he will lose his benefits and be kicked out of Mirabella for that reason.


Below is a post Gary recently made. He thinks Mirabella is "heartless and cruel." You know who is cruel? Randy Turner and Gary Coleman for instantly filing a lawsuit and instantly giving it to the media so the public can attack Mirabella and harm their business. Randy Turner uses his law license like a club. He also uses the media to improperly try people in the court of public opinion. He needs to be disbarred. Soon. Fortunately only $340 has been raised. I think people are seeing through the charade or else the real fundraising site is somewhere else. He obviously can live without his cats. He's done it for long stretches at a time when he's in the hospital or rehab center. He won't be homeless. He gets money from the government to rent a place. Many people have offered to let him live in a mobile home for $600/mo. It doesn't include food, utilities, maid, laundry, furniture....

Gary Coleman, lies to get money donated

He continues to post nasty, juvenile posts online. My messages were not "zapped." They are still online. Gary just can't see them. This man is 45 years old and acts like a bratty seven year old. Again, he can't even spell. He keeps talking about "fighting." He probably could have worked this out with the home if he hadn't had nasty Randy Turner instantly attack them and their business. He has probably done $500K worth of damage to that home's reputation but he doesn't care. He even attacks entire cities. He said everyone in Fort Worth government is corrupt from the top to the bottom. Thank god he lost both times he ran as a judge.

Gary Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, cat, randy turner, attorney

Gary Don Coleman, Gary Coleman, asking for money. 

My comments were not removed but his nasty ones were. Notice his juvenile language. He talks about hiding behind a computer, hypocrite much? 
Gary D Coleman refuses to answer why he beat up an old lady in a hospital. How can anyone support someone who does that? He won't even reply and explain why he was arrested for "assault, bodily injury" on an old lady in a hospital.

UPDATE: 08/23/14: Randy Turner arranged to have his friends picket and protest the assisted living center. A lot of old sick people had to listen to them protest. They called for "bodies," so they could "make good tv." Someone people that went didn't even know the issues. One even said that forcing an assistance pet on a private business could be abused. Randy Turner is the one who called all the media and organized these people. Then Randy Turner the bully attorney told his protesters to go to the assisted living's FB page and leave nasty comments and attack the company. They did indeed do that. They even bragged that they got a prospective tenant to leave. They are proud they are causing financial harm to an assisted living home which is one of the very few to allow pets. Do they even realize that? They are attacking people who help animals. This will cause all the other centers to refuse pets of any type. This is Randy Turner's MO, i.e. lie, attack, go to the media, lie, attack some more, sue, attack some more, defame, harass, stalk... The protesters are vegan. Do they realize Randy Turner and his wife Patti Gearhart-Turner are not only not vegans or vegetarians but the wife makes fun of vegetarians and vegans agreeing that they are "bad hunters" and "too poor to afford meat."

Randy Turner, Texas, attorney, Gary Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, protesters

Randy Turner, Texas, attorney, Gary Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, protestors

Gary Coleman, Randy Turner arrange for a group of activists to protest. Notice they say the facility is bullying Gary which is not true. They say that is bad. But it's okay for them to bully me? Notice also they say this is about corporate greed. It's not Mirabella but Randy Turner and Bailey & Galyen. They want $100,000.
Gary D Coleman, Gary Coleman loves Mirabella, hypocrite

Gary Coleman knows all about this protest and even shared it with his friends. His attorney Randy Turner also knows about it a minute after this was posted. Randy tells Gary not to join him. He doesn't want Mirabella to know he's involved in this shake down.

UPDATE: Guess who has a CRIMINAL record for assaulting an old lady? Gary Coleman born 10/13/68 assaulted a 52 year old lady  07/31/12 at a hospital. Gary Coleman was arrested 10/17/12 for "assault, bodily injury." This guy assaulted an old lady! POS. Randy Turner listed Gary Coleman's birth date in the lawsuit linked below. It is the same birth date as the police report. I also verified the address as Gary Colemam's then home address.


Here it is as a pdf in case you can't see that.


Gary Don Coleman, Gary Coleman, criminal, bodily injury, assault, arrested, record, elderly

I see quite a few evictions and a small claims case against Gary D Coleman in Tarrant County, Texas. Gary Coleman lost the small claims case. Gary Coleman was pro se in all the lawsuits and lost them all generally by default. He never showed.

UPDATE: Gary Don Coleman is now threatening, harassing people online. He's saying nasty things to women, calling them names, even threatening them. Gary Don Coleman as per Dottie Hyatt is 4'6" tall and weighs 70 lbs.A dwarf or little person is 4'10" or shorter. I thought Gary Coleman looked and sounded like a dwarf but wasn't positive. Thank you for the positive ID. That explains his personality and the nasty things he said to me. This means the old lady he beat up in a hospital must have been sick in bed or disabled. Who would beat up a sick, old, disabled lady in a hospital? Randy Turner's new client charged and arrested Gary Don Coleman born October 13, 1968. I noted in a statement by Mirabella that they say Gary Coleman has someone else as "power of attorney." I take that to mean people realize he is mentally unfit to care for himself or make decisions.

Here is Gary Don Coleman calling me names and making spelling, grammatical errors. He did the same to quite a few other women. He told one woman who refused to kiss his butt "you wouldnt say that to my face witch!" He made many more threatening and mean spirited posts on the articles and his FB page. You can see my post and his response, totally inappropriate. If he lived in my Nana's assisted living center, I would have pulled her out and complained. He obviously has anger management issues besides acting extremely juvenile. Why else would he beat up an old lady in a hospital? Gary Don Coleman is threatening to teach me some "manors!!!" Is he going to do this himself or send someone else? I await his visit. He also threatened other women.  (Errors: lack of commas, "cause," "dont," "manors!!!")

Here he is responding to three other women. He also attacked anyone that said the case is based on ADA and not FHA of Texas. He attacked people who agreed with him. He is volatile and has major anger management issues. Notice, everyone needs "manors!!!" Why yes, I'd like a nice mansion. Please, send me one ;-)

I believe Gary Don Coleman has "proportionate dwarfism." "Proportionate dwarfism is marked by body parts being proportional but smaller. Height is significantly below average and there may be long periods without any significant growth. Sexual development is often delayed or impaired into adulthood. Unlike disproportionate dwarfism, in some cases intellectual disability may be a part of proportionate dwarfism."

This explains his horrible spelling, grammatical errors besides his nasty disposition. He must have anger management issues to beat up an old lady in a hospital. She must have been ill or disabled for this 4'6" tall 70lb dwarf to be able to beat her up. He obviously has psychological issues to instantly threaten anyone who questions him online. Based on his FB page he has anger management issues and believes the world owes him because he was born a dwarf. He also lies a lot. He uses his physical issues to try to garner attention, sympathy, gifts and money. He likes to show scars and live tweets his illness and time in the hospital.

Online he states he is 40 years old, not 45, is 5'0" tall, not 4'6" tall and 122 lbs, not 70 lbs. Who is the liar? Dottie or Gary? Online 99% of the time he says he is not disabled. He has a job, makes money, lives on his own, has nursing and hospice certification, has a very valuable sports memorabilia collection. 1% of the time when he wants support, money, sympathy, he says "I am disabled, with a bad back, I just had hip surgery, wanna see pics?!"

John Hyatt and Dorothy Hyatt of Bat World Sanctuary kept posting threatening posts full of hate speech against me. I reported them. FB agreed it was threats and hate speech. Their posts were deleted. They are banned from FB for 24-48 hours, seven days or permanently depending upon how many previous bans they have. Dottie Hyatt, Dorothy Hyatt born May 29, 1948 is 66 years old, a senior citizen. Why is she threatening violence against me? I've never threatened anyone with violence in my life. These people are very mentally ill. Her husband John Hyatt is even worse.

Dorothy Hyatt, Dottie Hyatt, Bat World Sanctuary, threat of violence, hate speech
More graphic violent posts by Randy Turner's nasty, disgusting minions.

Randy Turner, graphic violence, threats, harassment.

In all honesty he was only supposed to be in his current home to heal from hip surgery. He is now healed if you look at his videos, posts... He's always been separated from the cats for long periods of time when he is in the hospital or rehab. No pets are allowed there. He has said he is fine with that. I copied his FB page which he just took down. It's possible FB took it down because he viciously attacked honest women who questioned him. While I am an honest woman who questioned him there were many others. Some originally supported him until they found out he physically assaulted an elderly woman in a hospital.

Randy Turner Texas attorney duped again by what appears to be another lying con artist. Where do I begin?

Gary Don Coleman born October 13, 1968 states he has no family. This is a lie. His father is Harold Wayne Coleman. His mother is Margaret Louise Williams. He has two full siblings. His brother Alvin Ray Coleman born 1970 is a hairstylist who is happily married to his husband. Here is Gary's brother's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/alvin.coleman69 They live near each other and communicate. His father remarried, divorced again and had other kids then died in 2008. His mother may have died in 1995. Still, he's 45 years old and was an adult on his own when his parents died. He has family members alive. He's close with his brother who is local.

Gary Don Coleman here states he has scoliosis and spina bifida. I don't believe this. Here is a photo of him standing straight next to a woman at a night club bar. If he had scoliosis he would not be able to stand straight. If he truly had spina bifida, he'd be in a wheel chair all the time curled up and unable to walk. He is seen sitting in regular chairs in restaurants able to support himself. Someone with spina bifida would not be able to do that. I used to work with disabled people, was pre-med, an EMT, volunteered at the hospital. I knew many people with spina bifida. Even with extreme cases they had jobs and supported themselves.

Gary Coleman, Randy Turner, assisted living, lawsuit, cats, fraud

The guy owns an iPad, laptop, video game player, TV, smart phone, designer sunglasses, says he's into photography and eBay. He took a selfie of himself sitting on the ground and was able to hold himself up. That is not spina bifida unless it's the mildest case on record. He spends his money eating out a lot. Doesn't sound like he's on a fixed income. He said he was a substitute teacher for five years. Disabled? He then states he worked for CVS Pharmacy at three stores as the shift manager so he can get 40-50 hours a week, he works for a sports card company, went to college and his major was sports, exercise, he was a cashier at a grocery store for years (wouldn't he be standing on his feet all day? I don't have spina bifida and I can't even do that), he brags that he has "to (sic) many awards to mention." He also shows off his huge sports items collection which he says is worth a lot of money. How can he be on assistance if he has assets and supposedly jobs? Where does Randy Turner find these people? I see Gary Coleman talking to his friends about finding an attorney to help him get money out of the assisted living home.

Gary Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, fraud, money, cats, disabled, liar, perjury

The kicker is he wants $100,000. Of that Randy Turner will take 33% at least. Randy Turner is doing this for publicity and money. Again he doesn't check out his client who appears to be another liar. If his client gets this money, he is off disability and has to move anyway. He will also have to pay back what he received from the government. Here is another photo. No walker, no wheel chair, standing, standing straight, volunteering for this organization last Xmas! He also worked in a night club.

Gary Coleman, Randy Turner, lawsuit, assisted living, fraud, cats
Gary Coleman has never, ever called his cats anything other than "pets" before this lawsuit, before he got the notice to leave. This is a money grab. In fact Gary Coleman admitted in writing they were never therapy cats, just cats, pets. Gary Coleman and Randy Turner are committing perjury and fraud upon the court. Randy Turner signed that lawsuit. Gary Coleman had hip surgery. In his facebook page he lies and said he was in "hospice" and almost died. During the time he had his surgery someone else care for the cats and he said he was fine with that. Gary Coleman admits he drank Drano which caused his health problems. I see pics of him on a treadmill unassisted after his hip surgery. I see many, many pics of him standing straight. He has a brother with whom he is close who is local. Fraud, fraud, fraud! How does Randy Turner get conned by so many total frauds? i.e. Steven Woods, Amanda Lollar and now Gary Coleman. Below is Gary's post about the cats. Notice, no "therapy" pets. They were not in the lease. He committed perjury in his sworn statement in his lawsuit. Randy Turner is basically defaming the assisted living facility. I saved all these ridiculous posts with time/date stamps.

Gary Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, lawsuit, assisted living, cat, disabled, fraud, perjury

What if someone put you in a position where you felt like it was the end of the world, and that no matter what you did to resolve the situation. There was nothing I could possibly do to fix or change the problem. What I'm trying to say here is this! I have lived here at Mirabella for almost 2 years. I feel safe here and my cats are very comfortable here with me. I have had my cats sense they were babies, and certainly way before I moved in to Mirabella almost 2 years ago. As a condition of me being allowed entry to the facility, facts were presented to staff that mentioned that I had 2 cats. So they allowed me to come to Mirabella with my cats knowing that where ever I went my cats would follow. In fact at the time, I had 3 cats. 2 of which were mine and the other was a foster that I was caring for at the time. The nursing staff pulled me in to the office and pretty much said in no certain terms my cats had to be out of this building within the next 10 days. There telling me that my cats have to be out because they are putting another roommate in the same apartment that I'm already in. My old roommate left to live closer to his family. It's common knowledge that an apartment like mine can only have 2 pets per apartment. The person who nursing told would be my roommate came an talked with me yesterday afternoon about the whole situation. It was a huge surprise to me. Come to find out itw as someone I already new anyway. He also told me that he liked cats and that me having 2 cats was quiet fine by him. It would seem like they would have a little common sense here and just room us together , like they told him he would have to do within the next 10 days. Instead they pull me in to the office and tell me that my cats can not stay here at Mirabella anymore. They have never caused a problem here, and more residents than not love my cats. They all look forward to seeing them and just being able to pet them from time to time. I contact several attorneys because I believed strongly that I was being ask to leave simply because of my cats. Everyone who knows me, understands that my cats mean everything to me. Iv been close to death so many times in the past and just very well could have given up on life. Just. A year ago I was on hospice for 4 months before I was able to pull out of the whole thing and put some much needed weight on my bones. Shortly afterwards the doctors felt like I would be fine to come off hospice if I stayed on home health. Point here is my cats have been there for me every single step of the way. These cats are a vital part of my everyday life here at Mirabella. I talk about them to everyone here. I try to share them with the other elderly residents here that May or may not have family of there own. I do that because I would want someone to do that for me. I feel like I'm providing something that no other person could in my position. There is no way I would get rid of my cats in order to please someone else's or to fix a problem that some former employee caused. I want to here from as many people as I can on this topic. I'm asking that my story be forwarded as many times as I can get. I think people need to read this. This last m24 hours has been a living ---- for me. I'm appalled that someone would even ask me to get rid of my cats knowing just how much I love them. It would upset anyone, I'm sure of that!!! Please if anyone out there can help me or has any advice, please forward it to me. If you have time or can make some phone calls on my behalf, I would certainly appreciate your help. I was grandfathered in to this place knowing I had 2 cats. So they have known about this for almost 2'years. All the sudden they want me to get rid of my cats. This is just plain wrong!!!

All real estate agreements must be in writing including any changes. Where is the lease agreement? Did the lease expire? Gary Coleman was only supposed to be there recuperating from hip surgery. He wasn't supposed to live there for life as far as I can tell.

Gary Coleman then decides to start a petition to attack the assisted living organization and to contact the Star Telegram. Gary Coleman and Randy Turner are now encouraging others to defame and attack the assisted living organization which they are doing. Randy Turner attacks and defames me as well. It's his MO.

Gary Coleman, Randy Turner in the lawsuit claim that the two cats are not "pets" but "assistance" animals. They cite the Texas Fair Housing Act. This act allows "service" animals if the person is legally disabled. That is not "assistance." Below is the signed, notarized, sworn lawsuit. Gary Coleman lies. Notice Randy Turner filed this in Judge Bonnie Sudderth's court 352. If the case goes forward I would expect unethical corrupt Randy Turner to at the last second have Judge Sudderth request a vacation and Judge William Brigham. 352-273757-14. Such good friends. I will be sure warn Defendants' counsel that they need to file a motion to rescue this Judge as she is personal friends with Randy Turner and his wife Patti Gearhart-Turner. Judge Bonnie Sudderth did some unethical things in my case. The worst thing she did was decided to go on vacation during my trial. She also requested retired Judge William Brigham to be the Judge in my case. He is also a close personal friend of Randy Turner. Notice Randy Turner gave the Star Telegram the complaint without redacting Gary's full name, home address, signature, birth date and last four numbers of his social security number.


Previously Randy Turner represented fraud Steven Woods. He too lied about a "therapy" animal. He also lied about being disabled, injured in the war, being in the war and being a soldier. It's a crime to lie and state you were a soldier. Randy Turner is a horrible judge of character.


Gary Coleman has committed the crime of perjury. Here is his signed, sworn statement where he states his complaint is the truth.

Gary Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, perjury, lawsuit, cats, disabled, 

Here is his claim to fame. I assume he took his dentures out. Anyone who takes their teeth out can do this. Why someone would want to is beyond me. He thinks he's so "amazing" that someone should write a book about his "amazing" life. He's looking for gifted writers. He keeps contacting Jimmy Fallon to go on his show and do his amazing "double jointed face." Where does Randy Turner find these people? Oh, that's right, Facebook.


Here's another video of him washing a cat for no reason. He admits he uses Dawn dish soap! We use dawn to remove oil and grease from animals. Then we wash in pet shampoo. He is stripping all the natural oils from his cat. I bet that cat had super dry, itchy skin after that. He admits his cats hate this, bite and scratch him. This bath is not necessary and I believe cruel. You can also clearly see he's not disabled if he can do this. I can't even do that and I don't have spina bifida or scoliosis. There are other videos of him teasing his cat with treats. He calls it "training." He's training his cat to eat a treat? He acts like he's some cat expert but he clearly is not.


More pics of this guy for comment purposes. Gary Coleman is now a limited public figure when it comes to this public lawsuit. He was also previously on the news when he said he heard his neighbor get attacked but didn't call for help or help her. She was raped, robbed and assaulted. Nice neighbor.

Gary Don Coleman, working at a night club, standing, spina bifida, cats, texas,

Gary Don Coleman, standing straight with a back pack, cats, texas, lawsuit,
Gary Coleman uses his disability, short stature to get pics, autographs with/from celebrities. They also give him gifts. He now brags that his sports memorabilia collection is worth a lot of money. That mean he's most likely ripping off the government to get a monthly payment. That is fraud. He can go to jail.

Here he is bragging that when he worked in a night club he was able to hang with VIPs and women. Here he is abusing that position to pose with women. He states this in his FB.

Gary Coleman, fraud, spina bifida, cat
Below is a video of Gary Coleman illegally feeding a nursing wild raccoon cat food from a spoon. He is also feeding feral cats. This is on the grounds of a medical rehab facility. He is endangering the health and safety of patients and employees. Raccoons in certain states are known to be a major carrier of rabies. It's illegal to feed wildlife. He's also taunting the raccoon by offering it food then taking it back.

Gary Coleman, fraud, spina bifida, cat
Gary Coleman states his claimto fame is "double jointed face" video he made. After he posted that video and people shared it because it's creepy weird Gary thought he would become a star. He contacted the media and even asked for people to write his autobiography. Here are his posts about that.

Gary Coleman, Gary D Coleman, Gary Don Coleman wants someone to write his autobiography because he's just so amazing.

The animated gif below is from a video Gary Coleman made of himself. He claims to be the "man with double jointed face." He doesn't have top teeth. If you or I did not have upper teeth, we could do the same. I'm pretty sure though none of us would want to do the same. After Gary posted this he sent it to late night shows like Jimmy Kimmel. He truly thought it would make him world famous. He even started looking for writers to write is autobiography.
Gary Coleman, Gary D Coleman, Gary Don Coleman, claim to fame, double jointed face. 

I'm all for people having pets. I have pets, love cats. I'm not for people beating up old ladies or lying to try to get money out of a private business. Randy Turner and Gary Coleman are defaming and harming the assisted living center. They're trying to con $100K out of the center. This is a shakedown. It's a private center. If he wants cats, he can get a private room. Randy Turner is again using his law license as a club to bully people and businesses. Randy Turner has at least two complaints against his law license that I know of.

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